The Dolomite Blind® is strong, safe and the solution for all areas needing maximum light reduction at low and high level.


The Dolomite Blind® has a 10 year guarantee and is used in science rooms, drama spaces and halls where light reduction for experiments and performances is needed. They are also used in student residences for bedroom dimout.


Secure Headbox

The headbox is made from extruded aluminium and holds and protects the fabric roller. With the side rails, it comes in standard white or black finishes and is wipe clean and robust.


Strong Side Rails

The aluminium side rails give a light seal between the fabric and the wall. With a secure profile welded to the edge of the fabric, it is held in the rails and is resistant to knocks.


Robust Crank Handle

Heavy duty crank handle takes the effort out of operation and has an optional attachment allowing staff to remove handles preventing unauthorised operation.


Durable Weather-proof Fabric

Flame retardant to British and Continental standards. Leave the windows open for natural ventilation at all times without blinds getting damaged.


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  • Halls, Gyms and Drama
  • Science Classrooms and Laboratories
  • Student Residences

Additional Options


Detachable operating handle
High level extended operating handle
Electric motor operation
Custom colour metal parts
Horizontal roof application
Custom design service
Meets DfE school design guidelines
Meets BREEAM requirements

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