Aluzion are expert designers and manufacturers of strong and safe blinds for education and student environments.

Along with graffiti and chewing gum, blinds have been identified in the top 3 maintenance issues affecting schools and educational establishments. Our mission was to change this and develop blinds that:

  • Reduce maintenance burden
  • Improve classroom environments
  • Make happier students and teachers

Designed alongside real-time situations and needs, these blinds continue to evolve to improve sustainability and address the requirements of modern building design and legislation. We are the only blind designer and manufacturer who are completely focussed on the student and school environment, and we think we do it best.

You will find that Aluzion Blinds are the best for what you need, if:

  • You must have blinds that work every time, year in, year out
  • You need the safest and strongest blinds available
  • You understand the impact blinds have on helping students get the best education

You won’t find that Aluzion Blinds are what you need, if:

  • You just need ordinary blinds that are the cheapest
  • Your blinds never break and don’t need maintaining
  • Your students and teaching staff never complain about sunlight or glare in classrooms