The great value Akademy Blind® is a basic and reliable blind where the more tough and inherently safe blinds are not required.


The Akademy Blind® is a reliable workhorse blind with a 5 year guarantee which is used where cost is more sensitive and the tough and inherently child-safe features of the main Aluzion range are less important. With chain safety retainer it’s compliant with EN13120.


Metal Roller

The fabric is fixed to a robust metal roller that is designed to resist deflection and hold any fabric in the range.


Metal Brackets and Hem Bar

The pressed metal brackets are strong and painted in a tough white finish. The hem bar is a strong extruded metal bar which gives weight to the fabric. Custom finishes are available on request.


Metal Chain

The operating chain is metal and designed to last year in year out. Familiar to use and retained against the wall with a chain retainer to comply to child safety regulation EN13120.


Durable Weather-proof Fabric

Flame retardant to British and Continental standards.

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  • Low-risk Education
  • Staff Areas and Offices

Additional Options


Detachable operating handle
High level extended operating handle
Electric motor operation
Custom colour metal parts
Horizontal roof application
Custom design service
Meets DfE school design guidelines
Meets BREEAM requirements

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